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Now in development

Endless 2D runner with 3 locations at the moment

  • a small shark in the depths of the sea
  • ice cube in hell
  • jelly traveling in a fantasy world

Dinosaur Theme (2D Sprites)

A set of three 2D dinosaur characters. The set also includes a character of an ancient man. This package is suitable for RPG games, platformers, adventures, action films and endless runners.

In the package you will add:
-Ancient man with 7 animation states
-Compsognathus with 8 animation states
-Edmuntosaur with 8 animation states
-Raptor with 10 animation states

Animation created with Brashmonkey Spriter. Skeletal animation available. As well as the exported PNG sequence to create a traditional sprite sheet
A .SCML Spriter Project file is included along with body part images in .PNG format.
Adobe Illustrator .AI files are also included

it will be possible to purchase this package using the link on our store asset store